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How to Make Hash

  • 1 Do Your Research

    1 Do Your Research

    Hash is formed when the cannabis trichomes (aka kief) are concentrated and compacted together. There are many ways to successfully remove the kief from your flower as well as many ways to compact/press/distill the kief into the desired form of hash.

  • 2 Collect Your Cannabis Trichomes

    2 Collect Your Cannabis Trichomes

    Of the many ways to collect kief from your flower, we recommend the DRY SIFT SCREEN METHOD and DRY ICE BUBBLE BAG METHOD.

    Whichever method you choose, make sure you get everything out of your flower!

  • 3 Turn Your Kief Into Hash

    3 Turn Your Kief Into Hash

    Depending on what type of extract you would like to end with (Shatter, Rosin, Budder, CO2, Crumble, Wax) will determine how you turn your collected trichomes into different types of hash.

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