How to Make

Dry Ice Hash

If you're looking for the fastest, easiest way to make hash, using dry ice and a bubble bag is the method for you.

When you use a bubble bag with dry ice, you are able to shake the isolated resin glands off of the plant. This leaves you with a beautiful supply of hash.


Dry Ice is one of the fastest ways to create hash. This method only takes about 10-15 minutes, whereas other methods can take hours.

Easy — Beginner Level

This method of hash extraction is the easiest for beginners. It takes little time and yields a good amount of product. You determine the quality of hash and it only takes a few shakes of bag!

Ready for Immediate Use

There is no moisture left on the product, so you can use it as soon as you've shaken it out of the bubble bag.

What You'll Need

To start the process of resin collection utilizing this method, you'll need:

  • Cannabis - trim or bud
  • A sanitized five-gallon bucket
  • At least one of our bubble bags
  • Dry Ice - we recommend getting a minimum of 2 pounds
  • Thick, insulated gloves for handling the dry ice
  • One scraping tool - straight razors or credit cards will do the trick
  • A flat, clean surface for your hash to fall on

The Process



Prepare Your Bud with Dry Ice

  • Carefully place your dry ice and cannabis into the sanitized five-gallon bucket.


Use 73 Bubble Bag

  • Cover the top of the five-gallon bucket with your 73 bubble bag so everything is securely inside. Proceed to shake the bucket around for up to five minutes. This step freezes the resin, making it easier to break off from the plant and collect.


Flip It

  • Flip the bucket upside down so the dry ice and cannabis are in your bubble bag with the mesh side facing down.


Remove It

  • Remove the bucket and grasp the bag closed. Now shake it over your clean, flat surface. This will cause the product to fall out of the bag, allowing you to see the resin you've been working to get. Continue shaking until no more falls from the bag, or the product begins turning green from plant contaminants.


Preserve Your Rosin

  • Scrape your resin into a pile and pack as desired.



  • If you started with a 73 bag, you can repeat steps 2-5 with our larger bags as well. This will not give you as potent of an outcome, but you will be able to ensure everything is stripped from the plant.




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