How to Make

ISO Alcohol Hash

ISO Alcohol is the most commonly searched method of hash making. Many guides make it sound like a tedious process which takes hours, but we've simplified the guide for you.

This method will take about 45 minutes, and produce the perfect substance for dabs and all hash needs. This method of making hash produces the cleanest yield without potentially dangerous materials such as butane.

What You'll Need

To start the process of resin collection utilizing this method, you'll need:

  • Dry marijuana
  • Alcohol - 99% isopropyl
  • Canning funnels
  • At least 3 clean containers
  • Heat source
  • Coffee filter(s) - you only need one, but may want more depending on your desired outcome
  • Stirring rod
  • Storage container if needed

The Process



Give Your Cannabis an Alcohol Bath

  • Place you marijuana into the first container. Then douse it in a bath of the 99% isopropyl alcohol. Be sure to swish bowl around and evenly cover all parts of the plant.


Strain to Remove Plant Material

  • Take your strainer and put it over a clean bowl or container. Pour the marijuana-alcohol mixture through the strainer. This will remove the large pieces of plant for your yield.


Double Filter Your Product

  • Grab another clean bowl or container and cover it with a coffee filter. You will want to pour the yield from step 2 over the coffee filter. This will ensure all pieces of plant matter are removed from your product. Repeat as necessary.


Heat Water to Remove Alcohol

  • Heat a pot of water to 180 - 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure not to boil the water, as that will kill your product.


Evaporate the Alcohol

  • Pour the filtered alcohol-THC mixture into the heated water. Stir occasionally. Once the mixture begins to boil, it will evaporate the alcohol but not damage your hash.


Store Your Hash

  • Once the alcohol has burned off, you will be left with a tar-like substance. Remove this hash from the pot while warm so it is ready to place in a jar for storage.

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