How to Make Hash

Using a Rosin Press

Using a Rosin Press is the simplest way to create hash oil almost instantly.

Modeled after the violin extraction method to lubricate violin bows, this method crushes your product between two heated plates, applying pressure, and produces a sap-like product. One of the biggest benefits of this method is that you can use bud or hash to produce your rosin, so you can create it no matter what you have on hand.

But what really happens when you use a rosin press? Well, you place the initial marijuana between two heat plates. By utilizing the heat and pressure of our machine, you are able to melt the trichomes off the leaf. This results in the extraction of terpene and cannabinoid filled resin, making for a stronger yield. After you've pressed your product, the yield will be easier to correct than loose because it will all stick together. This also makes carrying around and transporting your product much simpler.

Place Marijuana Between Plates

Apply Heat and Pressure

Extract Sap-Like Rosin

What You'll Need

To start the process of resin collection utilizing this method, you'll need:

  • Cannabis - trim or bud
  • Our Pikes Peak Rosin Press
  • Parchment paper
  • A flat, clean surface for your hash to fall on

The Process



Prepare Your Bud

  • Remove all visible stems and unwanted plant pieces.
  • Wrap the cleaned-out plant in parchment paper which has been folded in half.


Set Your Temperature

  • Set the temperature to roughly 180 to 220 degrees. Feel free to play around with temperature settings, as the slightest change can significantly impact your flavor, color, and consistency.



  • Once your hot plates are ready and your bud is wrapped in parchment paper, the real fun begins! Place the bud in the center of the plates to make sure it gets the full impact of the machine. Now press the button and watch the sap-like rosin start spilling out of the machine. This process typically takes about 20-30 seconds, depending on how much plant you used. You can alter time and heat to adjust your yield and its quality.


Collect and Clean your Yield

  • After removing the parchment paper from the heated plates, unfold it and inspect your product. Sometimes, if you marijuana was not cleaned to start with, small twigs or other particle will remain, which you will need to remove. Once you've cleaned it, collect your rosin. Using your dabber, gently rub along the parchment paper - the rosin will stick to itself, so be sure to leave it at the end of the dabber to collect everything.


Preserve Your Rosin

  • You've pressed to get your rosin, and now you need to store it! We recommend using a non-stick, air-tight container which are small enough to fit in your pocket so you can take your yield with you on the go.

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